Patched pokemon giratina strikes back rom

Patched pokemon giratina strikes back rom - Free Download

Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more! August 20th, 6: Edited July 1st, by Sloo. I've kept this hack's development pretty well under wraps for a while, since I don't really like giving release dates.

Plus, I like to surprise people. I took a 2 year hiatus from this game when I had a sort of writer's block making new sprites, and the game was almost never finished. I do think that time helped the story though, as that is when I got most of my ideas. This is my second complete hack, and probably my last.

One morning your father asks you to meet him at his office. And so your adventure begins! Of course it's up you you to stop them, you are the protagonist after all.

P fakemon gyms -Run indoors -New regions -Fancy new tiles -Fancy new story with twists and turns along the way -Rock smash does 60 damage now, so it isn't completely useless BUGS -Final event runs early on previous patches, newest patch fixes this issue.

It seems to mess up many other minisprites if I fix it. I have no idea why this happens. There is a man blocking a cave entrance. First talk to the girl in the lower right house, she asks you to find her grandma.

Go into Black Forest, and there will be an area you can get to that the old lady was blocking when you first went through. Go talk to the rock in that area.

Leave Winford City, Prof. Wood will call you and tell you to check out your father's office building. Go there and go down the stairs behind the front desk. From Luwick Town, head straight to the right. Use the ACRO bike to jump across the gap in the narrow white bridge press B and the direction you want to jump. Head straight North into Muerton City. After receiving the Muerton City gym badge the first gate will open to the haunted mansion. In the basement of the haunted mansion there is a key to the second gate outside the mansion.

From Route 9 head north to Cedarport City, you will need to use dive. Get waterfall from the man in the house next to the 8th gym. Use waterfall to get to Wellwood City. You get the Passport from the last gym leader after defeating him.

Infernus 4 Northsky Cave 5 Route 20 on an island. August 21st, 1: A hack made by Sloo even though it's based on Ruby which I don't like? There better be some nasty language! Use Google to find the rom you need. August 21st, 2: Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard. August 21st, 3: Edited August 21st, by Bulbadon. Great to see a new finished hack on the list.

Looking forward to playing this. I found a bug with the Eevee. I nicknamed my Eevee but when I evolved it into Umbreon it didn't keep its nickname it changed to Umbreon. The bugs only with Eevee, I evolved Growlithe and it kept its nickname. August 21st, 5: I've got tons of respect for Sloo. Definitely gonna try this one. Credit to Corazon or whatever he calls himself now for banner. August 21st, 6: Edited August 21st, by Sloo.

Originally Posted by Bulbadon. August 21st, 7: I read Homestuck and stuff if that means anything probably not. August 21st, 9: Boy do I love finished hacks. The fakemon looks awesome! I'm def playing this. August 22nd, 2: August 22nd, 4: It's a nice feeling when a new hack pops up and then you read the word "complete". A finished hack and it includes giratina? It must be good xD Keep up the great work man! Hi, I've been playing your hack and its pretty fun! I've just obtained the 4th badge.

I noticed something strange on route 11, right south of the Safari Zone. There is a bike ramp you can cross with the Acro bike but once you get a few paces in, you're unable to move forward anymore.

I checked to see if it was a hidden Kecleon or something but there wasn't that ''There is something unseen in the way'' message. Perhaps you didn't put a movement position tile there? Its not that big of a deal though, you miss out on a couple of Sitrus berry trees and a trainer battle I guess, just thought I'd let ya know! August 22nd, 8: Well that's fine I'll just change Umbreon's nickname at the next city. August 22nd, 1: Edited August 22nd, by Sloo.

Originally Posted by shadic Originally Posted by Myc Shredder. Originally Posted by faizkaixa. Originally Posted by solidsmeagol. Originally Posted by Azelf Ibrahim. Originally Posted by Sloo. Sure, just ask in a spoiler tag. August 22nd, 6: I changed the path so it goes straight across, and it seems to work now. I re-uploaded the ips patch. If you reapply the patch to an unmodified ruby and use that, you should be able to keep your saves.

I'm curious if anyone has started playing it yet on Youtube, too Just a note, FYI. Giratina is genderless, so you should not refer to it as "his" in the prose in the title post. Safari on X Lampent, Pumpkaboo, and Golurk Ghost. P Building an event collection. If you want to help my sickness, ask what I have to trade!

August 23rd, 1: Hey Sloo thanks for this game it looks wonderfull even though I haven't been able to make much of a progress because of a crazy dude that thinks he can live in the cave located in Route 7. How can I pass him? CrystalDust Adopt one yourself! August 23rd, 2: I've finished the hack, I wasn't expecting those characters to join in the mix! Haha, its been good fun so thanks for that.

There is an item ball on a snowy route with a frozen lake.

patched pokemon giratina strikes back rom

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Pedro Cabrera October 3, at 4: Who exactly, I have no idea.. The bugs only with Eevee, I evolved Growlithe and it kept its nickname. Unknown October 1, at 1: Hi Mr K San. Where can i find an exp. Originally Posted by solidsmeagol It's a nice feeling when a new hack pops up and then you read the word "complete". Other than Legendaries Furrox - Route 26, 27, Mt.

No account? No worries.

You can buy all evolution stones in Drallia Town this is the location of the second gym also. If not possible, please try asking on the Pokecommunity thread linked above. Or any mega stone available in this game?? Also can u help me I don't know where to go from gym 1.

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back - 2016

patched pokemon giratina strikes back rom

This is my second complete hack, and probably my last. I'm not sure, but I've asked your question to the creator and I'll let you know if it gets answered. Knuckle San September 8, at 8: Page 1 of Unknown June 27, at Boy do I love finished hacks. Knuckle San March 25, at Send a private message to Crizzle. Edited August 21st, by Sloo. He is saying about Goodra the Fairy-type pokemon from Unova Region. Hey does anyone know if we can use the Ancient key more than once?

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