Patched pokemon theta emerald ex rom

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Looking for something else? Check out the complete list here. Item locations are available for download above. Note there's no item called "mega stone. Why can't I mega evolve my Blaziken? I press start in the moves menu and I chose a move but nothing happens. You need the Mega Bracelet in your bag as well as the correct mega stone equipped. I think your mom gives it to you after you beat all the gyms. To get the mega Braclet u must defeat norman and then go back to little root town and talk to your mom and she will give u it.

I really love the rom! The pokedex and all the pokemon are a great addition, but the only problem I have with it it is, it keeps freezing during certain battles: My problem was the same but it was because my combusken was holding a lucky essence and when i swap it crashed. Someone else has also mentioned this; I will report this.

My game crashes when gardivour appears at 7th gym how to fix this? Here's a better answer- "Ok so I managed to clear it.

The way I managed to get around this was by using roar to make sure they werent sent out via pokeball.. I tried to get round this a couple of times, and you don't have to get as complicated as this. Just save before battling them and try to experiment which ones you have to kill first. I think the problem oftentimes was when Guardevoir came out and another one was in not sure if it was Bronzong though , so I tried to kill the problematic one before.

Maybe the other one is roaming randomly? I think I found a bug, whenever I go into to bag and try to access my tms and hms nothing shows up even though I just got a new Hm. And now it's impossible to access the next area because a boulder is blocking the way please help.

Yeah, this is a known bug- Pokecommunity If you can't load an earlier save, you may have to restart or wait for a new patch to release. Also are there any cheats that work I have the ign adamant modest nature cheats working and max money but trying to but the items I want ppmax full restore and so on won't work and I figured out the drive link.

Type this site called if you are using Pokemon theta: Pokemon Theta Emerald EX cheats. I cannot find the sizorite in petal burg woods as said in the document. This video may help timestamps in description - Youtube. Does swinub learn icicle crash on its own or does it still need to learn it via breeding I've noticed alot of pokes have egg moves they learn as they lvl up combusken learns night slash at lvl 18 and I know sceptile has thunder punch and night slash at lvl 1 and feraligator has ice punch at lvl 1.

Really would like to kmow when ur able to reply other wise I've got to find another group type for my team mammoswine is useless with out icicle crash lol. Sorry, I'm not sure but I've posted your question on Pokecommunity and I'll tell you if someone replies.

Until then why not just try breeding? No time plus haven't found cubchoo just got to meteor falls and git dieno. Hello I am stuck in 7th gym, when battling against the gym leaders double battle there where the game stops responding.

Yes, that is a known bug. This may help- Pokecommunity. I lost my save file!! After I encountered someone who would teach me fire blast in a pokemart and it crashed my game although I saved the game before, after I restarted the game my safe file was gone back to my first ever save file: I'll report this to the creator but I'm not sure if you can get the save back. In the future use save states if possible.

This happened to me too, except it was after saving and quitting. When I started the game the save file was back to the first save I ever made with all my progress gone, despite having continued from a game save several times with no problems before. Can u teach me how to update the older rom to the latest one? Sorry for the late reply. Here's how I do it- First off, save inside a Pokemon center. If you want to update game1. It's usually in the same folder as game1.

You should now be able to load the save in game2. This works on VBA but there may be some differences in other emulators. Hey I have a question, I got the exp share and it doesn't seem to be working is it a bug? I found this- "By default the EXP Share seems to give experience to all team members as expected, but putting it in the PC disables this. Okay, I think I get it now. As long as the exp share is in your bag, all your Pokemon share the exp. I think it should work even without the charcoal.

Game crashes at battle frontier's prize exchange market when browsing with the woman on the left of the building inside. When i try to see the Assault Vest, everything messes up and crashes the game.

This keeps on happening even on the Updated version if 27th of Feb Its the only bug that annoys me the most! And I am not capable of fixing it, sorry. Have the correct mega stone, aaaand have the mega bracelet. To get the mega bracelet, you need to defeat all of the gym leaders. When that's done, go to your mom's house in littleroot town and talk to her.

She will give you the bracelet. No you don't need to defeat all the gym leaders to get the mega bracelet u can get it after the 6th badge. Just use fly to get to little root town and then enter your own house. Hi guys after beeting the elite 4 how do i get to the second area.. There's no second area. There's the Legendary islands only, that I know about. To get to a Legendary Island, you need a ticket ti get to that island Example: Sadly, I dont think you can go to other regions Also some areas are temporarily visitable, like underwater tunnel where you can fight Kyogre and Groudon on a cave, but not exactly time based.

More like, if you fight them and get out of there, that area is sealed. Where did the Game Corner go? Cant seem to see it at Mauville City The area in wich its supposed to be in, its not there.

Its just all grass in the "game corner" area. Do I evolve pokemon like Misdreavus just by leveling it up? Misdreavus evolves with a moon stone. Please refer the Pokemon and Item Location documents linked to above. Not sure about the Game Corner though. I cant see it at mauville city, even though I saw a tutorial that had the game corner in it and its not there.

Its just grass in that area. I found this- "Added Cosplay Pikachu: D need evolution stones " So maybe they need stones to change form? This comment has been removed by the author. Have Rotom in your party; go to Littleroot's Lab; as soon as you go in, go to the far right and click on the boxes. I have a Deoxy pokemon problem I have seen the form of evolution. But pokemon Rotom I did not find the form of evolution. If that doesn't work, maybe Rotom's forms haven't been added yet.

Thank you Rotom for the successful evolution. The comment was posted after the last release, so it should work. Thanks for reminding me; I've added it. I was going to update it before but I forgot.. On Pokecommunity, I only found a Pokemon changes file. Whatever is not there should be the same as in Glazed. I can't find the Sablenite in Sootopolis City. I know it is near at the entrance of the Cave of Origin, but I can't find it.

Plz fix this issue. Thanks for the info.

patched pokemon theta emerald ex rom

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Find all posts by nathpm. They will be done as time goes on Credits: Then press select after using move. Both of the above would serve as a nice way to obtain pokemon that don't really fit sensibly anywhere in Hoenn like Snover, for example. If you find the Pokemon in a regular Pokemon emerald game entertaining, how much more if a game like Theta emerald which has Pokemon from different generations. I see, in that case I would suggest just find a pre-patched ROM for this game. Lack of animation of some moves.

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Honestly I'm really tempted to restart my hack, jut to use this patch for all the moves and effort you put into it. Send a private message to JoshTheTrainer. Hey I'm trying to do a link battle on VBA but the game either keeps crashing or gets stuck on the "VS" screen before the battle starts. Evolve Axew Level 38 Evolve Carvanha Level 30 , Route Evolve Kirlia Dawn Stone Have the correct mega stone, aaaand have the mega bracelet.

Pokemon Theta Emerald

patched pokemon theta emerald ex rom

Joins your team in Petalburg Woods Legendary Battle Page 1 of This doesn't limit the species from going up, though. Send a private message to Joexv. Sootopolis City Legendary Battle Knuckle San January 4, at Evolve Sealeo Level 44 Knuckle San January 23, at 5:

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