Patched pokemon light platinum rom

Patched pokemon light platinum rom - Free Download

You will be surely surprised the stunning feature of Pokemon Light Platinum. This game is based on Pokemon Ruby that full of cool new graphics, interesting gameplay, beautifully made music, events, items, new Pokemon and more. The original and old Ruby game version is kinda boring but this one can surely take your Pokemon gaming to the next level.

As you play Pokemon Light Platinum, you will find yourself addicted and tend to play the game whole day non-stop till you complete the whole story, give this a try.

Share this post Total: The problem still persists. Thanks for hearing me out. Pokemon Light Platinum is truly a remarkable game but needs some more improvements, hope they will improve the game and fix those bugs. Is it possible to put in pokemon centers top floor with computers for linking like in original games?

It would be the best if you provide more information so that I can help you more in your problem. After that, rename light Platinum ips file the same name as with your Ruby.

I will create a tutorial for that, stay tuned. Actually if this is downloaded onto your device as a. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please be aware that some of the cheats and other information provided are not tested, so use them at your own risk.

Wesley FG Game base: Pokemon Ruby English Release date: October 27th, Latest update: May 11th, Status: Android users Windows users Mac users. Give PokemonCoders a Thumbs up!

Hope the bug is fixed soon for others seeking to play! I hope someone would give us more information for this. Oh really , I have a problem of that version or a game ,plss can you help me!

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patched pokemon light platinum rom

Pokemon Light platinum NDS ROM – Hack

Learn how your comment data is processed. Similar threads with keywords: Unknown August 23, at I like the idea of changing the text but you should do something that will make this hack very unique such as adding 'Red' or even being able to challenge Dawn or Lucas. Not sure what the problem is but try this method- Place the other version rom in the same folder as the current one. King G April 17, at 8: You could always play the original "Final" version. Knuckle San August 14, at 3:

Pokemon Light Platinum Download

Also, make a mental note to stay away from Vega.. How bout the cheats senpai. Props for being real. Pokeball super fan February 20, at 5: Hey guys, can someone help me? What would you rate each of them out of ten? Unknown August 2, at 6: What you fucking gay? When I rename, it doesnt let me have two files with the same name. This was the base of the ROM hack though File:


patched pokemon light platinum rom

But first, if you're not aware of the whole Flash k thing, please see the FAQ page link. I don't think it follows any gen in particular. Im afraid to start my adventure without those. Check your key items. Knuckle San December 10, at Second, since I know you didn't pay attention to the argument against the bible, if being gay was "wrong" then why would God create them? Darkaizeroine October 23, at 5: Every night when you lay your head down and you have that empty feeling in your heart and wonder what going to happen to me when I die, remember this thread. Now I am facing another problem after skyner city, the team steam thing keeps on repeating.

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Patched pokemon light platinum rom
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