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Patch notes are a little different depending on the platform. For PS4, and Xbox One, 1. For instance, console players are only now just getting the ability to change hair and beard styles, and execute the unarmed mercy kill.

This unfortunately also means that the Easter Egg hunt event is only now starting in Kingdom Come for console players. The PC notes, on the other hand, are mostly fixes for some long-standing and recent problems. Take a look at both sets of patch notes below: Kingdom Come Deliverance 1. Player with an equipped bow can now be dehorsed by enemies. Player can no longer lock on a non-existing opponent.

Fixed instant game over bug in Baptism of Fire quest. Very rare crash after loading a game is fixed. Known issues [Rare] Attacking stops working. Unarmed mercy kill added. Real easter eggs added. Hunt for the golden egg can begin! Also, there is a new Easter-themed weapon to be found. Fixes Ressurection day is upon us! Some NPCs that died due to the physics glitches have risen from their graves. Fixed the problem with the Mightier than the Sword quest related to the scribe.

Rattay archery competition works on advanced difficulty. Fixed save issue in the House of God quest. Cutscene after the completion of the quest Questions and Answers should trigger properly.

Rattay armorer should no longer get stuck in an infinite sleep behaviour. Fixed a bug with an instant game over in the Trial by Fire quest. Fixed instant game bug over in Baptism of Fire quest. Another major bugs fixed. Games featured in this article Kingdom Come:

kingdom come pc patch

Kingdom Come Deliverance patch 1.4.3 brings new hair and beard styles to PS4 and Xbox One

Fixed infinite fader before Uzhitz sermon, which arose during a certain patching order. Weaponsmith and armoursmith now have more money. Rooster 14 February at PCGamesBestsite 14 March at To be fair he did have a reason to distrust you!

PATCH: Kingdom Come Deliverance PC update news, Quest setback

I already have v1. Yay a GOG version! Getting 60fps on high settings with GTX I7 k all good. We don't have a full review up yet—it's an awfully big game, and these things take time—but we do have a review in progress on the go, in which Andy the Other says it features "a reactive world, a likable hero, and a hilarity of bugs. Tairon 15 February at Please update full patch 1. Download all files from here and updates. The only solution so far is to rollback to 1.

Updates and Patch Notes

kingdom come pc patch

The studio would then list all of its future improvements, before warning that some of the new features wouldn't necessarily be available in the next update. The PC notes, on the other hand, are mostly fixes for some long-standing and recent problems. Requires a bit processor and operating system OS: NotCodex 10 March at To his credit, Vavra appears to be handling it all with good humor. Works perfectly after installed Codex patches and Crack. Player have been getting to grips with a new game this week which has got a lot people waiting for some much-wanted tweaks. Miss 12 June at JeicamPL 15 February at

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Kingdom come pc patch
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