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X-Force is a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics , most commonly in association with the X-Men. The group was originally a revamped version of the s team, the New Mutants. X-Force's first leader was the mutant Cable. An offshoot of the X-Men , X-Force takes a more militant and aggressive approach towards its enemies compared to the X-Men.

An alternate incarnation of the X-Force appears in the film Deadpool 2 as part of the X-Men film series. A planned X-Force film adaption by 20th Century Fox is currently in production as of The X-Force series was successful in the early s, but its popularity waned after Liefeld left, which caused Marvel to implement several reforms to the title from until with varying degrees of success.

Low sales on the X-Force series eventually prompted Marvel to revamp the title in with a new cast in the form of a group of self-interested young mutants who were gathered together by a corporation to become media stars and used the name X-Force.

X-Force was canceled with and relaunched as X-Statix , which coincided with a similar rebranding of the team in the story. After X-Statix was canceled with 26, Marvel reunited the original X-Force team for a six-issue limited series plotted and drawn by Liefeld. In —, during the Messiah Complex crossover, a new version of the X-Force team was formed with Wolverine leading a more militaristic black-ops branch of the X-Men.

The series came to a conclusion in September as part of the Second Coming storyline that ran through various X-titles. The two series ended in after a crossover between the two titled "Vendetta". A new X-Force vol. Legacy writer Simon Spurrier.

The popularity of Liefeld's art led to him taking over the plotting duties on the book. Liefeld and Nicieza launched X-Force in August Rob Liefeld obtained the name for the series from an unknown artist at a convention a few months prior to its release. With the aid of a multiple-variant poly-bagged card, the book sold a record 5 million copies [ citation needed ] , and remains the second highest selling American comic book of all time, surpassed only by Jim Lee's X-Men book that same summer with 8 million copies.

The main opponents of X-Force during its first year were the terrorist Mutant Liberation Front , led by Stryfe , a masked mutant with a mysterious link to Cable. Early issues also featured the wise-cracking mercenary Deadpool , the immortal Externals , and a new version of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Propelled by Liefeld's art, X-Force became one of Marvel's bestselling comic books immediately after its debut.

Liefeld illustrated the series up to 9 and stopped plotting it after 12 as Liefeld had become increasingly frustrated that he did not own the characters he created and that his art was being used on a variety of merchandise while he allegedly received little royalties.

X-Force continued with Nicieza writing and Greg Capullo illustrating. Nicieza, who also wrote X-Men, vol. The crossover boosted Cable's popularity, despite the character's apparent death in X-Force 18, leading to his own solo series being launched in Having temporarily lost their leader, X-Force attempted to develop an identity of their own.

The team gradually developed into a dysfunctional family after Cable's return in 25, and the title regularly combined soap opera plot threads, such as romance and Siryn's alcoholism, with violent action.

Nicieza fleshed out previously unknown elements of each character's history, including Siryn's family in Ireland, [3] Rictor's in Mexico, [4] and Cannonball's in Kentucky, [5] as well as the mysterious origins of Shatterstar.

Due to falling sales, [ citation needed ] X-Force emerged from the Age of Apocalypse event with a new creative team of writer Jeph Loeb and illustrator Adam Pollina , who significantly revised the team with issue Loeb introduced new team uniforms, had the team move in with the X-Men at the X-Mansion , and placed emphasis on character-driven stories with fewer fight scenes.

Rictor quit the team and Cannonball joined the X-Men. Caliban , a super-strong albino mutant who possessed the mind of a child, joined the team. Loeb's stories included revelations about Shatterstar's origin and the transformation of Boomer formerly Boom Boom into the more aggressive Meltdown.

Fan response was generally positive. In , writer John Francis Moore , portrayed the team as carefree walkers exploring the open road and had X-Force break away from Cable and the X-Men. In , Moore and new artist Jim Cheung had X-Force move to a new headquarters in San Francisco , returned Cannonball and later Domino to the team, and added Bedlam , a mutant who could disrupt electronic equipment.

However, towards the end of this run, sales on the title began to fall drastically. Ellis' stint on X-Force, co-written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Whilce Portacio , saw Bedlam, Cannonball, Meltdown, and Warpath become a covert ops superhero team under the leadership of Pete Wisdom , a British mutant and former intelligence agent who could shoot burning blades of energy from his fingers.

Sales remained about the same despite the changes in creators. In early , the X-Force title was completely reimagined by writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred , who replaced the existing incarnation of the team with an entirely different group of mutants using the X-Force name.

In X-Force , Bedlam, Cannonball, Meltdown, and Warpath all appear to die in an explosion, though all subsequently return. The next issue, , saw the introduction of a new, sardonically toned X-Force consisting of colorfully dressed and emotionally immature young mutants put together and marketed to be media superstars.

X-Force was canceled with in late and replaced with the retitled X-Statix series in late In , Marvel released a new six-issue X-Force miniseries, once again plotted and illustrated by Liefeld, with dialogue by Nicieza, that gathered many of the characters featured in the first X-Force, to critical panning yet decent sales. First Contact with word balloons edited to make them fit the X-Force storyline. Cyclops forms a black ops incarnation of X-Force that uses lethal force to permanently deal with threats against mutants.

Yost had at one point stated that Deadpool would join the cast to bring more diversity to the team, but this did not happen until after his run and the launch of Uncanny X-Force. This team does battle Red Hulk and his team, consisting of Deadpool , Punisher , Electra and Thundra , as they try to hunt down Domino. According to Remender, "This is a group of characters that have had their souls stained by evil forces in the past, a common thread connecting them.

They've already made the hard compromises in the past; they've all taken life. As part of Marvel NOW! Prior to their announcement, the two titles were teased by a single word and the book's creative team: Harkening back to the early days of the original X-Force, Cable would lead an outlaw X-Force team consisting of Domino , Colossus , Forge , Doctor Nemesis and Boom-Boom , whose missions of stopping huge tragedies before they happen puts them at odds with the newly formed Uncanny Avengers , led by Cable's uncle, Havok.

They would be joined by Spiral and Bishop as they sought to locate a psychic mutant girl who had been kidnapped. It features a team of Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, Dr. Nemesis, and Marrow , written by X-Men: The team's first mission has them investigating the theft of Bastion's head from a S.

They attach Bastion's head to the body of a Nimrod unit, to use the revived Bastion in their "holy war" against mutantkind. Bastion retrieves an offspring of the technarch Magus from the ocean floor and revives several deceased X-Men villains, including Cameron Hodge , Bolivar Trask and Graydon Creed , by infecting their corpses with the Technarch Transmode Virus. The virus allows Bastion a degree of mental control over the revived corpses.

He also infects two living subjects with the virus: Donald Pierce and the Leper Queen. While Wolverine calls for the team to stand down, X decides Risman is bluffing and activates a concealed detonator that sets off a series of powerful explosives. The explosion brings most of the base down around them, but Risman is able to escape with Wolfsbane during the chaos.

Wolverine later admonishes Laura for being so reckless with the lives of her teammates and for allowing Rahne to be kidnapped.

After interrogating and killing numerous Purifiers, X-Force finds Rahne held in a warehouse, barely alive. Angel retrieves Elixir to heal Rahne, who wakes up soon after. Laura then catches the scent of Elixir's and Angel's blood, and runs off to help them. She reaches the room just in time to see Wolfsbane standing above Angel with his severed wings in her jaws. While in the Purifiers' custody, Rahne had been brainwashed by her deranged father, Reverend Craig, causing her to go berserk at the sight of an angelic figure.

Wolfsbane savagely attacks Laura before handing over Angel's wings to the Purifiers. Elixir heals both his and Angel's wounds, then discovers that Angel's wings aren't organic and can't be regrown. Angel transforms into Archangel , complete with metallic wings. Archangel wounds Wolverine and X before taking off toward the Purifiers' base, sensing his old wings. Meanwhile, the Purifiers use samples of Angel's stolen wings to develop techno-organic wings for their soldiers, giving them similar abilities to Archangel.

The group of Purifiers given wings is dubbed "The Choir. X kills Risman with a headshot, and briefly fights Eli. Eli overpowers her, but is prevented from killing her when Warpath stabs him, causing him to flee.

Wolverine takes on Bastion, who deems the threat posed by Wolverine "unacceptable" and retreats. Afterwards, X-Force finds Archangel unconscious and in human form, complete with feathered wings. Wolverine informs Cyclops of the turn of events, and Cyclops asks which of X-Force's targets should be next. Rahne reverts to full feral form upon seeing Angel, who responds by transforming into Archangel. Wolverine and Elixir restrain Wolfsbane while Cyclops talks down Archangel, who has trouble controlling his Apocalypse-like mentality while in his transformed state.

Laura calls in the Stepford Cuckoos to erase Elixir's memories of X-Force, to help them remain covert. Before they do so, Angel informs them of a live telecast featuring Graydon Creed, who claims an L. Cyclops assembles X-Force, including Elixir, and unexpectedly declares the Vanisher as their next target.

It is revealed that Scalphunter , a former Marauder, contacted Cyclops about a break-in at an old lab of Mister Sinister that held an altered version of the Legacy Virus. While in pursuit of the Vanisher, the team runs into Domino, who joins forces with them to recover the Legacy Virus. After cornering Vanisher and inducing an inoperable brain tumor courtesy of Elixir to ensure his cooperation, Vanisher reveals he lost the virus while escaping from a horde of Marauder clones that were awakened after the death of Sinister.

X-Force returns to the lab and kill the cloned Marauders inside. Domino retrieves the virus, only to be confronted by The Right 's shocktroopers, who have come to take the virus for themselves.

X is injected with the virus while doing battle, and runs toward a nearby molten vat to destroy herself thus destroying the virus. Elixir catches Laura as she jumps, and uses his healing powers to purge her of the virus, declaring that his purpose in X-Force is to ensure no more of his friends will die. With Vanisher in tow, X-Force returns home. Meanwhile, Warpath returns to his tribe's reservation at Camp Verde to visit his brother's grave, but discovers the empty graves of his entire tribe before being violently attacked by the Demon Bear.

Just as he's about to be killed, Warpath is saved by Ghost Rider , who offers to teach him how to kill a demon. After engaging the Demon Bear in battle once more, Ghost Rider realizes the demon is reacting to pain caused by a dagger embedded in its body.

Once Warpath removes the dagger, the demon is revealed to be the spirit guides of Warpath's tribe, corrupted by the black magic of the dagger.

x-force crack team

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The series came to a conclusion in September as part of the Second Coming storyline that ran through various X-titles. Years later, Cable would leave the team and Peter Wisdom became the leader. While escaping the explosion, Archangel spots the Leper Queen and informs Cyclops. X-Force returns to the lab and kill the cloned Marauders inside. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. X-Force picks up the pieces from its latest battle by casting the bodies of Masque and Thornn at the Morlocks' feet.

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Bridge , wants the renegade group and begins to form a team to capture them. The X-Force series was successful in the early s, but its popularity waned after Liefeld left, which caused Marvel to implement several reforms to the title from until with varying degrees of success. The Friends of Humanity are holding a rally in Iowa, at which they condemn mutants yet again, shouting blasphemy about them and so on. The Horsemen then await word from 'Kid Apocalypse' as to what to do with the fallen heroes. Cyclops and Magneto find out they're Reavers, but by the time they find them they're all dead. Find Reply shra1 Last Active: When she woke up, she attacked Elixir, X and Angel. Wanting to join the rest of our members? Wolverine shouts to Vanisher to get X and Archangel out of there, but Fever Pitch explodes, luckily, X and Archangel being on the rim of the explosion.

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x-force crack team

It seems all is lost when Cable is super-charged and blown up by Volga. As Utopia lies in ruin, Wolverine radios the Cuckoos to find Wither and they tell him that he and the Inner Circle have left the island and took with them Warpath. Wolverine shouts to Vanisher to get X and Archangel out of there, but Fever Pitch explodes, luckily, X and Archangel being on the rim of the explosion. Afterward, Logan discusses the future of X-Force with Cyclops, who decides to disband the team. Apocalypse took interest on Hope as his potential host, but Cable and X-Force surrounded him, with Logan asking Warren on which side he was on. Webarchive template wayback links Redundant infobox title param Groups pop Title pop All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from February Comics articles needing issue citations Articles with unsourced statements from March Comics navigational boxes purge. Famine gives the team the location of where Archangel is living and the team flies over there as fast as possible. A, Fantomex , Psylocke , Wolverine.

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