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Click the banner for a video playlist of the hack. Blaze Black and Volt White were also - with one minor exception - the first of their kind to be made. I should mention that with the exception of things normally different between Black and White such as Black City, White Forest, the legendary focus and the appearance of Opelucid City, the two games are identical.

With the extra amounts of Black and White hacks cropping up now, Blaze Black and Volt White has lost its main edge in being the only hack of its kind. I'd like to say that it being the first means something, but unfortunately it really doesn't in the long run. Things must make some degree of sense, or they won't be found in this hack.

Most of the time. These two also offer some "what ifs? What if Delibird actually had some stats? What if Weavile was given Technician? What if Gallade had kept Trace?

What if the Gothitelle line actually had a Dark-typing? Just how broken would a Dragon-type Serperior with Contrary be? How about a Samurott with Shell Smash? Between you and me, they are broken as hell! There's a couple odd balls that are late such as Torkoal or Stunfisk as they were tough to place, but the majority are available before the sixth badge is up, and the majority of them are available at Nimbasa City or prior. This is useful for the purist, and it's something no other hack has, as far as I'm aware.

If you're looking for an incredibly difficult challenge I'd recommend a different one. Although this one has its fair share of annoyances, too. Can I see some screenshots of the hack? Open the spoiler below to see them. These mostly just show some of the first bits; you'll have to play it to see the rest!

This is to do with the game, though, and is not fixable. Level up moves have been adjusted accordingly. Mega Drain is now 50 power. Wilds are mostly the same with some new additions here and there, trainer rosters have been redone entirely. Careful where you step! Specifically, it's to do with the two originally version exclusive legendaries, and the colours of Shellos, Gastrodon and Basculin. The Full version of the hack is the whole thing; the Wild changes, the trainer changes, the Pokemon changes, the item changes, absolutely everything.

The Clean version takes out some of the content, so that the actual Pokemon, their level up moves and attacks are left unchanged. Trainers are edited from their Full version counterparts to clear up any inconsistencies done through adding new techniques in the Full version. You will need a ROM of Black or White to use the patches found in the downloads, which you will have to find on your own. It must be either English European or American, though.

I just managed to download the Cygnus Hex Editor but I got lost editing the wild pokemon. It would be wise for you to make a tutorial on this.. Now THIS is a hack. Will it work if I use a sav file for my original white game?

So like it would be the patched rom with the original sav file. Is awesome, but someone can tell to me edit wild pokemon, i just wipe my data and i can't find anything. I will check on Route 1 to see if any other pokemon come up.

Also, how does this work with shaking grass? Do pokemon of other generations that are rare also appear? Is there a different game ID than the regular version?

I renamed the hack pokemonblack. It did not work. Any light on this situation? Just posted right before you, just to make sure you get that the thread was posted in again, posting here, thanks.

Check the documentation part. Sorry did not check it out before playing, my fault. Also, I would be happy to report on any issues you think there might be. Do you know which narc file contains the data for me to hex edit pokemon types. And if you could provide me with the hex values for the different types? I see you were able to edit pokemon types so if you could provide me with any info I'd appreciate it.

If you were replying to my post, I asked for the location in the narc to edit pokemon's types. Not the wild trainer data, I already found that before. But thank you for the direction to that thread although not what I'm asking for.

My post was directed towards the creator of the thread seeing as he successfully edited pokemon types. See the first post for more details. Reshiram and Zekrom can now actually fight! Thanks, loving it so far.

Andibad, i see you already found the legend info. The two bytes directly after - ie XX YY - is the type. Target file is 'C: Have tried with clean version of both black and white, xp patched version and 1.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted April 2, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 2, But I will play your hack in the meantime.

Posted April 3, I'm pretty sure it would, yes. How can I be sure if it is working fully? Those are the quickest ways to know.

Would be very helpful. Any help on these three situations would help tremendously, thanks. Posted April 6, Posted April 7, Hmm this one can look like rocket science especially for beginners like me Thanks for this Drayano, gonna be gong through Volt White, and I look forward to it. Posted April 8, edited. Okay, the hack is updated! Say hello to version 1.

Changes are as follows: Thank you for the compliments and whatnot btw! Edited April 8, by Drayano. Posted April 8, Posted April 9, Would like to patch to version 1. To directly patch source file, a temporary file is being made. Upon successful patching, the target file will be replaced with this. Patch application will take approximately 4 minute s , 16 second s. UI will not be responsive during this time.

Input checksum is invalid. Am looking to get a 1. What am i doing wrong? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

pokemon volt white patched rom

Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White

Sep 18, New Jersey. October 22nd, 4: I spoil you how to prove your love playing Pokemon. Find all posts by pokewalker. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Apart from a superb hack, your work in the presentation and documents is excellent and tasteful. Also, that tidbit about Emboar's origins with water are interesting actually.

All-In-One Fix for Pokemon Black and White 2 (All Regions) for No$Zoomer

Careful where you step! Ignore Posts by Tetra. In addition, there's also a much bigger variety of one-time encounters, mostly dealing with legendaries. But the thing is, that one says Bicycle instead of Shiny Charm. Level up moves have been adjusted accordingly. I played the first blaze black and it was awesome nice work: Find threads started by Murkrow. Assuming that your trying to balance the 3 starters as Mario Blaziken Glass Cannon Infernape and Mighty Glacier Emboar it does not let Emboar play his alloted roll, he can't tank because he's got terrible typing, he can't hit fast because he's naturally slow and he can't match up to either Blaziken or Infernape. This is useful for the purist, and it's something no other hack has, as far as I'm aware. October 23rd,

Pokemon Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2 NDS ROM Hack

pokemon volt white patched rom

As the Spoon Turns.. Can I see some screenshots of the hack? What gives you the Blaze Black 2 and White 2 volts? March 30th, 2: A number of documents are included with the download that allow you to see any and all changes made. Find threads started by Aussie Riolu. Find threads started by XsauroxPlayer. I was just about to mention Zapdos appearing without getting to Humilau City first. Page 1 of Croagunk, Electrike and Tyrogue and their evolution lines have been given new level up sets. Overcome it, and you will achieve the greatest accomplishment of all. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. His tools are also very helpful and quite easy to use, making Wild Pokemon and trainer editing that much easier.

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