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Autodesk AutoCAD software lets you design, visualize and document your ideas with clarity and efficiency. New features speed up tasks, make commands easier, and speed up new users. Below we will see the requirements for this old version of CAD software. The ribbon presents the command options in a concise visual format that speeds up the choice of commands according to the work in progress. The shift between applications is now fast and intuitive. The ribbon is customizable and extensible, so that it can be optimized for each user and comply with the rules of each company.

When choosing a face, edge or cube corner, the model immediately adopts that predefined orientation. If it is clicked by holding the mouse button on the view cube, the model can be freely rotated in any direction. As the cube occupies a fixed situation on the screen, it serves as a guide with the naked eye.

The view cube will be included in each and every Autodesk product as a common tool for working with 3D models. Not only is the orbit command readily available, but the new SteeringWheels navigation wheel provides quick access to the framing, center and zoom commands.

SteeringWheels is very customizable, so you can incorporate tour commands to create and record a tour of the model. Menu Explorer Reviewing and working with multiple files is no longer a monotonous and lengthy process. The new menu explorer interface lets you browse files and browse thumbnails, with detailed information about the size and author of the file. Recent files can be organized by name, date or title. Action Recorder The new action recorder saves time and increases productivity by automating repetitive tasks without the knowledge or intervention of a CAD professional.

Users take very little time to record a job, add text messages and data entry requests, then quickly pick and play the recorded files. Layers dialog box With the new layer dialog, creating and editing layer properties is faster and reduces glitches. The changes are reflected in the drawing at the time as they are made in this table.

Now it is simpler to manipulate it, and its columns can be resized separately so as not to truncate the content or the title. It is possible to fix the situation of individual columns to move the rest and refer them to a fixed column, for example, the name of the layer. Fast properties The Quick Properties menu is simple to customize and helps increase productivity by shortening access to property information, optimizing its visualization for a specific user or project.

Quick view The fast view feature uses thumbnails instead of file names, which speeds up the opening of the appropriate drawing file and presentation and saves time lost when opening incorrect files. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

keygen x force autocad land desktop 2009

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Autocad Land Desktop 2009 Full

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keygen x force autocad land desktop 2009

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