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The Story begins in a dream. You awake asking yourself questions. Deciding to ignore the dream for now, you step out into your home town known as Fells in the Core Region. Your best friend, who also had the same dream, stops you at the front door to inform you of an emergency message from the town's Professor.

When you encounter the professor, he quickly informs you of the disasters and climate changes occurring all over the Core Region. His workers in panic, he asks you to visit the delivery station and pick up a package for him from Prof. As you set out on this simple task, you encounter a mysterious girl who appears to know knowledge of the dream you've had about a creature name Darugis.

After receiving the package, a powerful Pokemon is within you and your friend, Pete, sight. Eager to test your early skills against a powerful Pokemon, you quickly engage in a battle with it. The pokemon uses it's powerful winds, easily defeating your Pokemon and knocking you out in the process. After awakening in your room, you see Pete and your mother patiently waiting for your recovery.

You soon begin to realize this is the start of a journey into many mysteries and powerful Pokemon you can't wait to challenge. Looking for something else? Check out the complete list here.

Sorry, I haven't played this game in a while. Get in touch with the makers by visiting the Pokecommunity Hack Studio forums. Someone should take pokemon fusion and makeep a rom out of it. Are you talking about Naranja? It's already on the list. Links seem to be working fine- http: This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm pretty sure it's not but you can try contacting the creator to be certain. When I get to twist woodlands on dark rising kaizo when the girl with a cottene when she sends out her cottene my game crashes. I can report this if you want, but I think you can explain it better- Contact. DarkRising 1 is the original game made be DarkRisingGirl.

Kaizo is simply the same game with some bug fixes and extra content done by SinisterHoodedFigure. I want to use a litwick on my team but it appears like close to the end and there's no point to catch it.

It seems you only get Litwick in Spirit Tower at level Oh ok wish I could catch one somewhere from the beginning of game. What's the difference between google drive and media fire? No difference; it's just the same file uploaded to those sites.

Not sure what the problem is, but I'm sure the hack's creator can help you out. Use this contact form and she should get back to you soon. Some emulators have a link feature for that. But, most rom hacks usually disable multiplayer for some reason. You get it only at Falls Route. Hey something is wrong with my items bag. I was using cheat codes to get super potions and repels but they disappeared and I can't buy anymore for some reason. Maybe the cheat codes you used weren't meant for this game, or at least the version you're playing.

I guess you should remove the cheat codes if they're still enabled and then close and reopen your emulator. If that doesn't work, I included a link to the official contact form a few comments ago, where you can ask DarkRisingGirl herself. How can I got to the Dragon Valley cause e erytime the Black belter at the entrance challenges me into a battle the game crashes also im on Flashk at My Boy. It might be a bug. Are you playing the Kaizo version or the original?

You can try contacting the creator here. If she doesn't reply, maybe try a walk-through-walls cheat to skip the trainer if possible. Im using the original and can you tell me what the walk through walls cheat is? Aslo can I transfer my save files from the original Dark Rising to the Kaizo one?

Maybe see this page for the cheat code. I don't think you can transfer without causing more bugs, but you can try. The original DarkRising 1 doesn't have it 2 onwards do , but I'm not sure if it was added in the Kaizo version or not. Is it possible to get all pokemon on this game? Great work on the upload: It's been a while since I played this, but I believe you can.

There's some documents under "Useful Stuff" above if you want to make sure. Yeah i checked it but i dont see pokemon like gible in it. My concern really is if i can complete the pokedex without trading. Thanks for replying fast! Yeah, that list only mentions wild Pokemon, not gift or event ones. I'm guessing all trade evolutions have been changed, but to make sure, you can contact the creator through the official site link above.

You can get Gible by picking it as your starter, your choices are Dratini, Bagon and Gible. I downloaded kaizo and have seen two major bugs, idk who can fix. First in the begining of game after getting starter pokemon if u walk right or left of the exit to the proffesors lab and not exit directly in middle game freezes and u have to start over.

Second major glitch after exiting cave and passing through dead swamp thers is a guy blocking my path and cant conti ue the game. I tried to talk but nothing happens. He is suppose to battle me but game code is probably messed up. Kaizo is broken i caought about pokemon and before i coumd get to second gym there is a major glitch that prevents you from continuing.

Idk if revular version is playable but kaizo is completely broken. I traveled back to see if i missed something but noticed several more glitches. For example a character that talks about the main protagonist's father battles you okay fine but if you leave town and come back he re engages likes its the first time you are meeting batteling again.

Also there is a spot in the game where you can see a duplicate of your character sprite between some trees. So many broken code in this game its pissing me off because the story seemed great. You can contact the original version's creator here. And I think you can find the person who did Kaizo here. It's a mod of the original DarkRising.

The person who modded it has come out with hacks like Blue Kaizo, Crystal Kaizo, etc. Is there any rom hack where Pokemon follows you coz i really want one any gen will work.

That's supposed to be very hard to do. There's Fire Yellow, but the following is not done very well. Yeah the game looks dumb. Not worth wasting time when already completed Kanto many times. Well i found an annoying bug in the original version, I've beat 2 gyms until now but the TM case is empty i cross checked it by picking up a tm attract in Atlantic path but the tm case is still empty.

That seems like a pretty serious bug. Did you use cheats by any chance? Another dumb thing in the kaizo version is, we cannot use items like full heal amd revive in battle so if my pokemon is poisoned or has any other status problem i can do nothing until the battle is over. I wasn't able to get my badge from the 3rd or 4th gym and the old man is blocking my way to get back what do I do. There's a link to a guide above. Does that not help? Which version are you playing? If the evolution starts and then suddenly stops, maybe you haven't got the National Dex.

I want to try this hack and I want a gengar. Yes, the trade evolutions have been changed. See the Evolutions List document above. Why can't I use revives or full restores during battle? First change the save type to Flash k, then either delete the. I don't think so, unless it was added in the Kaizo edition. Th other DarkRising games 2 and after have it though. What is the differences between this kaizo version and the mega evolution version listed in your all pokemon hacked gba list?

Thank you knuckle-san And thanks a lot for this great site!!!

patched pokemon dark rising 2 rom

Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Does that mean the first dark rising has more feature than the second one or newer pokemon etc? Rafael Sousa October 6, at 7: I am stuck at the frozen dungeon. Sorry, I couldn't figure out a solution. Alejandrotheone January 18, at 3: Outside of your house, your best friend Kaz appears, and he tells you about his strange dream last night which the same as yours and both of you wondered what was that dream all about. Deepak Bisht March 11, at 8: There's a list of changes in Kaizo given above.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 ROM

Unknown June 26, at 6: Knuckle San April 27, at 3: Unknown June 30, at 5: I was using cheat codes to get super potions and repels but they disappeared and I can't buy anymore for some reason. Knuckle San October 1, at 5:

Pokemon DarkRising 2

patched pokemon dark rising 2 rom

Mitchell Skene July 22, at 4: Patrick densmore October 26, at 4: Because normally we have to use a thunder stone but it isn't written in evolution list. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unknown June 30, at 5: Yeah the game looks dumb. Knuckle San April 27, at Or once you use it you lose it? I don't think it was made harder as one of the features is a more reasonable difficulty curve. Knuckle San April 24, at 9: Knuckle San August 6, at 4: Knuckle San September 22, at Unknown October 6, at 6: Knuckle San August 18, at 4: See the Evolutions List document above.

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