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LinYu Jul 25, , 6: A few days ago my laptop crashed and when I was reinstalling Windows 7 from the original disc, the license keys were not accepted and I was instructed to install without entering the key and use it for a free day period.

Now I need to activate before the time period expires and I understand that I need to buy another genuine copy of Windows 7 and apply the new keys to the version already installed. I am encountering some difficulty finding a full genuine copy of Windows 7 Home Premium bit that I can purchase. If I buy some other version of Windows 7 say Home Premium bit, or Professional, or other can I still use its key to activate my already installed Home Premium?

My problem is I don't want to go through the painful and time consuming process of reinstalling everything back again More about windows home premium activation. Minstedmaz Jul 25, , 6: You should try installing Vista first from the recovery partition on your laptop, then you can install your Windows 7 upgrade. WyomingKnott Jul 25, , 6: And if you are re-installing Win7 on the same machine, try contacting Microsoft - you should be allowed to.

It's official but I cannot make out the key on my faded sticker Windows 7 Home Premium won't activate after clean install. My Windows 7 home premium system is activated, but it will not validate. I keep getting that "not genuine" error. Can't find your answer? If he only has a windows 7 upgrade key Microsoft won't help him, because those keys were cheaper for that reason, he will need to install vista then upgrade for windows 7 and then use that key. Depends on the type of Win 7 license you're using - if it was a retail license, you might be able to get Microsoft to deactive it's association with the previous install so you can recycle the key.

If it's OEM, you might be hosed. It's kind of a crapshoot - newer PCs have been using licensing embedded in the BIOS which is both awesome and terrible. Thank you both for your prompt replies. Unfortunately, I do not have that recover feature in my laptop anymore, because the HD was formatted. Yes, this is the same machine that the Windows 7 Home Premium was first installed. I think it must be a bad dream This is why I am willing to buy a new license key.

My question is if this new key has to be a Windows 7 Home Premium or if some other version would do the activation.

LinYu Jul 25, , 7: Yes, this upgrade that I have is a retail license. Now, can I purchase any Windows 7 license that I may find available or would it actually have to be Home Premium version? Hi Assuming you have a retail upgrade oem upgrades exists You have upto 30 days of use which can be extended by re arming windows trial period If you insert your win 7 DVD and run its setup program using the existing windows then probably this time it will accept your windows 7 upgrade key and install and then activate correctly Let us know if this trick still works This has been tried with win 7 SP0 can't talk for SP1 I hope this does not upset the moderators as it is mentioned on many other websites Regards Mike Barnes.

I have windows installed on my laptop on a day trial basis. I am aware I need to buy a new license to activate this installation within 30 days. I just do not find this version of Windows 7 Home Premium bit anywhere to buy.

If I buy a license for any retail version of Windows 7 that I find, will this license do the activation? This is all I'm trying to find out. Minstedmaz Jul 25, , 7: Yes if you buy a License it will activate, but it needs to be Home Premium 32 bit. It has to be the same version, have you tried new egg, they still sell Windows 7. That is what I wanted to know. Good, if an answer provided here helped please pick a solution so the thread closes and it can help more people.

LinYu Jul 25, , 9: You are right, Mike. In fact, the package I bought for the upgrade from Vista, a few years ago, includes two disks, one bit and another for bit and there is ONLY one key for either. Now, if this translates into it being irrelevant to buy 32 or bit and getting a successful activation in either case, it remains to be seen, wouldn't you agree? The laptop is a bit, as far as I know.

Would this make a difference? Also, please be aware that when I first tried to apply the original upgrade key when reinstalling, it was rejected and I gather that it must have been because this is an "upgrade" key and, at the moment of this reinstall there was no prior version on the disk to upgrade from I also wonder if Vista could still be found to be installed as the basis for the upgrade But if you feel comfortable with it making no difference between 32 or 64 bit, I will follow your advice and buy the bit license if I find one.

Thanks once again and please do not hesitate to provide any further thoughts you may have about this issue. Hi I expect your laptop has a 64 bit processor but 32 bit windows Vista then 7 installed Going to 64 Bit Windows from 32 bit Windows requires a complete format of C: I seem to have problems explaining that first attempt of Windows 7 re install failed to accept the key because you booted from the upgrade Windows 7 DVD and installed to new clean hard disk If you do this once and are in Windows 7 as yet without key entered and you insert Win 7 Upgrade 32 bit DVD and run setup on DVD if may well accept your key It will upgrade the existing installation and leave it in c: LinYu Jul 26, , 2: First off, Mike, I must say I do appreciate, very much, your continued help and your patience.

Thank you for that. I just checked my System Information and it says: System Type - x86 based PC, which I understand as meaning a bit machine.

And yes, I also must say that my primary language is not the English and this may represent, on occasion, some degree of difficulty understanding what I read or what I hear, due to language shortcomings on my part. I wholeheartedly accept this and this is one more reason why I sincerely admire your continued help. This said, I assume that a bit OS would probably not work at all on a bit computer, but I'm not sure.

I'll do a backup of my current system which stands on a day free trial and I'll see what happens. It's definitely worth trying.

LinYu Jul 26, , 3: Unfortunately, I just did as I said above and after applying the key, the system started the activation process by "verifying the key". After a few seconds, the dread message came out: The Software Licensing Service determined that this specified product key can only be used for upgrading, not for clean installations. Unless I was willing to fork out an amount that would probably be wasted on a machine Lenovo ThinkPad T61p that is about 8 years old and quickly becoming totally obsolete.

I just feel a little sad because this, by many accounts, one of the best built ThinkPad-type machines but reality must surpass dreaming, I guess If you still have any other suggestion, I'll greatly appreciate it.

Otherwise, thanks a lot for your good help and so long Ask a new question. Laptops Windows 7 Windows Vista.

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activator windows 7 home premium

Windows 7 Activator Full Final [Updated] 2019

Otherwise, you will not be able to continue using the Windows. Windows 10 has many features; Cortana is one of these best examples and help in solving many problems when you want to update Windows It's definitely worth trying. Depends on the type of Win 7 license you're using - if it was a retail license, you might be able to get Microsoft to deactive it's association with the previous install so you can recycle the key. OS has full functionality. It activates Windows XP, 7, 8. You should try installing Vista first from the recovery partition on your laptop, then you can install your Windows 7 upgrade. Congratulations, you are on the perfect platform and reading a fantastic article. It is little difficult to activate Windows 7 because users are migrating and upgrading to Windows 10 and very few viewers purchase original Product keys.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key Free (Genuine Activation)

Things look more organized. It can be aligned to the left, right, top, or down. Retail Windows OS version: If you want legal lifetime activation so these two methods Internet Telephone Just click on start button and check system properties.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key Serial Key Activation Key [32-64] Bit

activator windows 7 home premium

This is all I'm trying to find out. It is also compatible with all the versions of Windows 7. Thanks once again and please do not hesitate to provide any further thoughts you may have about this issue. Windows 10 has many features and you will not feel the activation issues in Windows Activating status is never expired. We have provided people with ones. This can be done through Windows 7 activator. You can use either the Activator for windows 7 developed by Daz or you can go for Kms activator for windows 7 as well. This time need or require validation serial number or product key. But with our activator, You will do it for permanent activation. Before registration connect your Windows 7 to the internet because it may help in activating online. The process of activating Windows through it is simple and only takes a few minutes before you can start enjoying full features of Windows 7. Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista at: Windows 7 Home Premium has been demonstrated to be a successful version of Windows 7.

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