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Terimakasih Atas kunjungan teman bloger semuanya mohon tinggalkan jejak biar kita bisa saling berkunjung. Features of Maya Developed from Naiad technology, the platform fully integrates with Maya and is easy to use. You can choose whether to mesh liquids with a new particle surfacer or render voxels directly. Export particles, voxels, and meshes to a native file format, or to selected industry-standard file formats. XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator New Generate curves, spheres, and custom geometry on the surface of polygon meshes.

Create and groom hair, fur, and feathers on characters. Populate large landscapes with grass, foliage, trees, rocks, and debris trails. Handle large amounts of instanced data that would slow down a system if loaded in memory, and preview rendered effects interactively in Viewport 2.

Bullet Physics New Create large-scale, highly realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations with the enhanced open-source Bullet plug-in delivered in conjunction with AMD. Simulate both soft and rigid bodies in a single system. Take advantage of continuous 3D collision detection. Create compound collision shapes from multiple meshes, and produce better collisions with concave shapes.

Integrates with Maya Forces, and supports rigid sets for increased scalability. Maya nHair Create highly realistic hair and other curve-based dynamics. Render complex simulations with multiple dynamic entities all working together.

Use a common system of fields, forces, and constraints for all Nucleus modules. Maya nParticles Simulate a wide range of complex 3D dynamic effects. Create and render smoke, spray, dust, and pouring and sloshing liquids. Self-collisions enable nParticles to accumulate within volumes.

Map shading attributes, such as radius, color, opacity, and incandescence over time or over age, radius, speed. Maya nCloth Convert polygon mesh models into nCloth objects. Paint cloth attributes such as bend, stretch, shear, and dent. Make 3D objects stiff, viscous, or flowing. Attach buttons, tear cloth, and control movement with topology-independent constraints. Simulate cloth-on-cloth, such as a shirt over pants.

Achieve highly realistic results without self-interpenetration errors, and blend multiple cached simulations to achieve complex effects. Bidirectionally interact with Maya nParticles and Maya nHair. Simulate and render highly realistic atmospheric, explosive, viscous liquid, and open water effects. Select from presets for clouds, smoke, snow, steam, fog, and nuclear explosions. Create distinctive animated textures with 2D fluids. Maya Fluid Effects integrate with other Maya features.

For example, you can create a fluid that acts as a force on particles created with Maya nParticles. Rigid and soft-body dynamics Create convincing simulations of multiple rigid and flexible objects. Create secondary motion effects with paintable goal-weights using soft-body objects. Simulate the motion of natural forces with dynamic fields. Maya Fur Create realistic fur, short hair, wool, and grass. Choose from multiple fur type presets and multiple fur types per surface.

Clumping controls enable natural looks such as wet, matted, or dirty fur. Use the attractor system for keyframed or dynamic fur motion. Handle non-watertight geometry and meshes with non-manifold or overlapping components. The resulting weights are compatible with existing skinning methods in Maya and suitable for use in game engines.

General animation tools Nondestructive animation layering system works with attributes. The Set Driven Key tool enables you to keyframe complex relationships between animated parameters.

Graph and Dopesheet Editors control how animated attributes change over time. You can fine-tune animation in the viewport with editable motion trails. Block out and mark up animation directly in the 3D scene with the Grease Pencil. Character creation Human IK solver and built-in Spline IK, Spring IK, and single chain and lightweight 2-bone solvers enable you to rig and animate believable characters. Articulate natural-looking bipeds and quadrupeds.

Nondestructive live retargeting workflow works with motion capture and other animation data. Maya Muscle has advanced deformation tools for realistic or highly stylized muscle and skin motion.

Manipulate joints on a bound skeleton with a nondestructive workflow. Reusable animation Save time by reusing, recycling, and adapting existing characters and animation. Transfer skinning information between models with the Substitute Geometry tool. Nondestructively edit poses and animation clips with the Trax Nonlinear Animation Editor. Camera Sequencer Accelerate previsualization and virtual moviemaking production. Lay out multiple camera shots in a single animation sequence.

Reorder clips, edit In and Out points, and change camera assignments with the Sequencer Playlist. Use Playblast to review the sequence before optionally re-exporting an EDL to editorial for refinement. Polygon modeling New Enjoy more reliable polygon modeling. An efficient library enables faster, more consistent Boolean operations on polygon geometry.

Produce better bevels with an extended Bevel tool. A more deeply integrated Modeling Toolkit streamlines polygon modeling workflows. Interactively view displacement maps without the need to render. Closely match subdivision surfaces generated in Pixar's RenderMan renderer.

UV toolset New A multithreaded unfolding algorithm and new selection workflows enable you to quickly create and edit complex UV meshes and get high-quality results. Easily toggle checkerboard and compression shaders to visualize UV distribution. Maya supports loading, visualizing, and rendering UDIM and UV tagged texture sequences, for a more streamlined workflow with Mudbox 3D digital sculpting and texture painting software and certain other applications.

Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling Create and edit polygon meshes with a production-proven, intuitive 3D character modeling and environment modeling toolset. Integrated modeling feature set built on technology from the NEX toolset from dRaster. You can preview or render smoothly subdivided meshes while editing a lower-resolution proxy or cage. Surface modeling Create mathematically smooth surfaces using relatively few control vertices via NURBS or hierarchical subdivision surfaces.

Add complexity to different regions of subdivision surfaces. Attach, detach, align, stitch together, extend, fillet, or rebuild NURBS surfaces with a high degree of control over parameterization and continuity. Use precise spline-based curve and surface construction tools. UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex Create and edit UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex CPV data with a streamlined creative texturing workflow.

Software, interactive, or in-game 3D rendering requires extra data. Multiple UV sets support separate texture coordinates for separate texture channels. Use a single mesh to represent multiple objects with per-instance UV sets. Multiple sets of animatable CPV, prelighting, user-defined normals, and normal map generation are suitable for game design.

Generate and update a compositing tree based on the render layers in the scene. Create and edit bevels in Illustrator files while maintaining the ability to update the original. Data and scene management tools Specialized tools and workflows enable you to efficiently manage large data sets.

View and edit node relationships with the powerful dependency graph architecture. Segment scenes using assets and file referencing to help manage workflows, and to improve performance by offloading scene elements until you need them. Group nodes into containers and create custom and user-specific views.

Extensively modify modeled data without rebuilding. Scene Assembly tools for smarter data Create large, complex worlds more easily, and manage production assets as discrete elements. Easily swap between different representations, such as varying levels of detail. Apply, animate, or query edits at different levels in the scene assembly hierarchy. Track overrides on assemblies via an improved Edits system.

Use the API to customize the toolset to create proprietary solutions. Advanced file path handling Quickly diagnose and fix broken file paths, and work with nonlocal data and nonstandard file paths with URI support. The File Path Editor lists nodes that use external files, such as textures, image planes, references, and audio files.

When a file path is broken, you can quickly relocate the file, or search recursively within a directory structure. Set paths to nonexistent files for handoff to users who may have different directory structures. Use the simple linear workflow provided out of the box, or customize the system to suit your color pipeline. Create shader networks by connecting different nodes with a click-drag workflow. Select floating-point values, mathematical operations, texture maps, normal maps, and color nodes.

autodesk maya 2014 crack

autodesk 2014

Easily toggle checkerboard and compression shaders to visualize UV distribution. Fine-tune your characters and animation more quickly and easily. A more deeply integrated Modeling Toolkit streamlines polygon modeling workflows. Close Select the option again and select the Activate option. Once again, the software is running, click on the Activate option, you will be told that your serial is wrong.

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Quickly create complex procedural effects and animations with instanced objects. Autodesk Alias Surface Built for mobile game development workflows: Multiple sets of animatable CPV, prelighting, user-defined normals, and normal map generation are suitable for game design.

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autodesk maya 2014 crack

Autodesk Maya Crack has been at the front line of the activity and film industry for various years and keeps on being utilized by a portion of the universes driving specialists to convey outwardly rich and frequently creative advanced substance. This discharge incorporates new movement designs apparatuses and real work process overhauls, which disentangles the administration of complex scenes, prepping a wide range of hair, and an arrangement of natural brush-based instruments. Close Select the option again and select the Activate option. Generate and update a compositing tree based on the render layers in the scene. Rigid and soft-body dynamics Create convincing simulations of multiple rigid and flexible objects. Free download Power ISO 5. This site is not directly affiliated with Autodesk. The strength of the Maya modeling tools, and the big companies are using more of its features.

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