Patched cydia impactor

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A growing number of users are starting to report that they are experiencing a fairly troubling issue with the use and reliability of Cydia Impactor. Typically speaking, there has been a fairly reliable method of actually getting around those problems and device owners have been able to move on and install whatever app they were trying to sideload.

It had initially been thought that this problem was present on not just Windows, but macOS as well. However, that has now shown to not be the case with macOS currently not throwing up this error. Based on forums and posted information, it seems to have failed as much as it has succeeded. So, just what is the solution here?

The speculation and general feeling seem to suggest that Saurik himself is going to need to come out of hiding and attempt to fix this problem, either via a server-side update, or as an actual update to Cydia Impactor itself.

We all know that the creator of Cydia and other tools under the Cydia brand has been away from the scene for quite some time. However, only time will tell and stranger things have definitely happened on this crazy ride that we call jailbreaking.

Subscribe to our RSS Feed! Looks like a patched version of Cydia Impactor has just been released that disabled the tls security or something. Just tested it and works perfectly ;o. By Paul Morris August 10th, Follow Us On Facebook. Is this something to do with apple blocking it.

Cydia rules all the way. Apple sucks iOS stock sucks. Having trouble revoking certificates so I can use the patched version. Just tried, this mod version works.

Solved my CPP error on version Subscribe To Redmond Pie.

patched cydia impactor

How to fix http-win.cpp:160 error in Cydia Impactor

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Patched Version of Cydia Impactor for Windows: I reinstalled cydia impacotr. Impactor is having a lot of issues right now. This is done in order to personalize and enhance your experience with us. Anyone else having this issue? Is the latest version not working for you? By Paul Morris August 12th,

Cydia Impactor updated for iOS 12 [DOWNLOAD]

Trying N methods is useless. Can you please send a screenshot of the error? They have the older version of Electra. Which app are you trying to sideload? Hey Frank, I will write a tutorial for it soon. Been battling a Impactor runtime error. I even tried reading ur advice to other user but in vain. Kwudi August 11,

How To Fix Cydia Impactor “http-win.cpp:160” Error [Update]

patched cydia impactor

Sailesh August 11, He has been jailbreaking his iPhone since Also see the post — Fix Cydia Impactor. Though many developers have made attempts to fix the issue, no one has been successful yet. Unjailbroken, they work fine. Saurik has released a new update to Cydia Impactor, bringing it to version 0. Frank November 26, Kwudi August 11, Ricky Ramdhani August 12,

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Patched cydia impactor
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