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USB connector also used for power supply. My dealer said the external PSU is optional I had to bargain to get it for free. Integrated expression pedal assignable to each patch. Connector for an FP02 expression pedal to control the volume optional. Fast and intuitive editing, no signal dropouts when you change presets. Easy and precise user's manual. You'll have to edit the factory presets because they don't sound good. It won't take you long to get the sound you're looking for and you'll be surprised by the power of the device.

I use it on stage and for rehearsals but also at home where I connect it directly to my PC. You can connect it to your amp or to a mixer depending on the setup. I use it with a Fender Strat or a dual-neck Ibanez, and with my watt Yamaha combo. I get a wonderful fat distortion. Chorus, reverb and delay effects sound amazing. The optional FP02 expression pedal is not necessary but quite convenient to control the volume.

As I said before, you'll have to edit the factory presets to get the sound you want. Only acoustic guitar simulations are not convincing. And some effects are only provided to show off the power of the unit. Four months ago I gave it to my son who plays in a hard rock band, and I bought its big brother.

Before buying it I tried a G7, but the value for money isn't good so I ended coming back to the G2. I just had to transfer all the presets I had created. I love the fast editing for stage and rehearsal applications. Excellent value for money. Based on my experienced, I would buy it again. Did you find this review helpful? But it is not too complicated especially not plug into the entrance of a small all-digital amp VOX DA5 style, it's horrible, it must be connected to the auxiliary input SOUND QUALITY regarding the simulation of distortion I use more than to play with headphones, which avoids lugged the amp around when you can not make rustled in her role is rather convenient.

In contrast with my amp, I completely forgot about the idea, but there are still some useful effect. I use to boost the effect of increasing a can signal to the input of the amp to play nasty stuff with my old Marshall. The noise gate is also very useful for kid saturation The delay, reverb and chorus are correct. There is also the pitch shifter effect that can delude D-tuna to lower the pitch of a semitone but it quickly becomes the boiled.

Distortions are easily adjustable, flangers have a swipe strip wide enough for the time, it really gives the impression of playing in concert, great for solos.

I would do not purchase this because I have a Vetta II pedalboard. However I advise this multi-effects for every budget who want a large amount of high-quality effects. The negatives for me are: Ditto for the volume of the drum: The guys making you buggy or what? Effects assigned to the expression pedal is not all functional as patches: Big plus for the tuner: I even give them that had scratches on my Zoom!

Very good build quality also, the price is justified in this area. For now I keep it, failing to find better and find better qqchose thought. Who can boast of playing both jazz, blues, metal, pop and acoustic in the same concert? Even I played not by much! I do not play anything violent, especially pop-rock style of Alanis Morissette with my Strat or Jazz with the Jazzmaster.

I gave up the drum machine that I was served a little on the small concerts. Here it is clean. Difficult to say whether I will ever choose, but I'm happy I damped by now A multi effects pedals incorporating all the most used guitar I have not had a "lack" of a sound Except perhaps a small looper, but must not dream no more!

Many pre-recorded sound, a modified abundance, booklets clear sound Pedal "grinds" a bit, but I think I know why, and it's not the fault of the hardware I mainly use an Ibanez S and I can assure you that I spend little riff heavy metals, a clean very very clean blues, or even acoustic!

As I said earlier, my pedals "creaking", it has a little squeak when I do the wah-wah Sounds can be great, it takes a little settle still has some presets that are original shit, but I even the sound of a Flanger that I was looking for so long!

I resume this Pedal eyes closed! See all other reviews. I will not repeat what others were so well described. Again one little quibble about the artificial saturations and colorful digital effects but because the initial investment is again rather close to its bouche. It is fairly well made and very complete. Tuner and drum machine in prime. Je think it's more intended to mumuse at home for the stage or so in addition to other equipment. Super convenient for a lazy who wants to cover the clubs and who do not want to lug around tons of stuff to touch his cacheton.

What I like least is the travel of the pedal a little short for my taste, pressing both switches simultaneously to switch accordeur. Rapport excellent value for money I think I'll me to deliver a pallet. Before this one I paid for the G2 to my daughter is what I decide to buy G2. Digital pedal, solid and rather pretty, with a USB input jack for an expression pedal further. We spend little adjustments in settings with ease, the trick is knowing the organized.

I like being able to register by connecting to a computer, I have not explored how software pushed but it looks nice. In short it makes its settings, they registered and were then organized and go. It is very useful for all beginners in search of his sound and playing style, it helps to find her way without having a very good sound quality, digital what I advise beginners, others can spend their paths. The grip is a little difficult at first, but soon finds himself in the various buttons.

The manual is clear and sufficient? Despite the list of effects of plant and the manual configuration of Cubase LE 4 in English, the manual is very clear and complete. Editing sounds and effects is easy? At first, we must have the manual handy, but in hours it manages. The whole thing is to have a headset or amplifier of sufficient quality, which was not the case with my old amp I changed to a Behringer.

Which instruments do you use? With my guitar WS low end it comes with a guitar and amp pack. Which ones do you prefer, you hate? I have not had time to try them all but the Pedal Pitch Shifter is excellent. For nearly two weeks. Cubase LE 4 at least on configuration What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Did you try many other models before getting this one? He immediately advised me that and I fell in heart. Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? Maybe I would buy the model above. Trs complete multi-effects there is ample enough to cover a wide range of sounds trs The effects are not ditable via the computer and it is a pity because the system does not include editor of a tiny screen symbols and 2 trs is not clear without the user manual Technology numrique quite impressive for the price An output from a USB outlet control for an external expression pedals It could not be simpler The editor 2 letters does not help the clarity of this compact but good reading..

The manual is useless document is not enough if we want to get into the dtails must be tinkering with the same bbette to test..

patches zoom g2.1u


Notify me of follow-up comments posted here. You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, for the most part, the tuner is reasonably accurate, and the tracking is respectable. I understood what the intelligent and standard harmonizer do! But it is not too complicated especially not plug into the entrance of a small all-digital amp VOX DA5 style, it's horrible, it must be connected to the auxiliary input SOUND QUALITY regarding the simulation of distortion I use more than to play with headphones, which avoids lugged the amp around when you can not make rustled in her role is rather convenient. Aug 26, 7.

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Connector for an FP02 expression pedal to control the volume optional. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Then I found the Zoom G2. When it's set right, I can dial in the amount of crunch, useing the guitar volume control. Excellent value for money. And for about Euro it's much cheaper by now, in fact there is a successor, the Zoom G2. Modified Item see all Modified Item. Both of these units also offer decent value for money. A great pedal for a budgeted bedroom guitar player!

Zoom G2/G2.1u

patches zoom g2.1u

Mark Where can I purchase direct replacement capacitors Are they Panasonic?? Then the local guitar shop owner showed me the Zoom G2 family. Product arrived in a timely matter. So, if I set it to, say, the C major scale and set it to play a harmony a third up, when I play a C note it'll harmonise with a major third E , but if I play an A it'll harmonise with a minor third C. Both of these units also offer decent value for money. I got myself a Vox Amplug AC a while back. When I was getting serious about playing guitar, I was on the lookout for a nice and affordable multieffect device. Tuner and drum machine in prime. I've had one for about a month and it's very tweakable. If you want something affordable in a compact package that sounds great and lets you experiment with different sounds now, then this is the way to go. Hope you understand what I mean. Well, I placed my order for two Danelectro pedals and soem accessories: Outstanding pedal, I love it!

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