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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Naduron Start date Nov 14, Tags blade and soul naduron ncsoft nude mod. Joined Apr 23, Likes My 3rd Nude Mods for Blade and Soul o. Set 05 Texture Resolution: Jin - Armor Set Set 03 Texture Resolution: Set 02 Texture Resolution: Golden Destroyer Texture Resolution: Jin - [Armor] Golden Destroyer r Pure White Texture Resolution: Jin - [Costume] Pure White r Jin - [Costume] Pure White v1 r Jin - [Costume] Soulmate r Ivory Bird Texture Resolution: Jin - [Costume] Ivory Bird r Blue Porcelain Texture Resolution: Jin - [Costume] Blue Porcelain r Hongmoon Uniform Texture Resolution: Jin - [Armor] Hongmoon Uniform r The Empress Texture Resolution: Jin - [Costume] The Empress r Jin - [Costume] Dreamcutter.

Jin - [Armor] Set Jin - [Armor] Set 02 v1. Lyn - [Armor] Default v1. Lyn - [Armor] Default HD r Lyn - [Armor] Default HD v1 r Lyn - [Armor] Default HD v2 r Lyn - [Armor] Set 03 HD.

Lyn - [Armor] Set 05 HD. Rising Sun Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Rising Sun. Lyn - [Costume] Nostalgia. Black Padded Coat Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Black Padded Coat. Lyn - [Costume] Adventurer. Lyn - [Costume] Adventurer v1.

Colorful Autumn Leaves Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Colorful Autumn Leaves. Lyn - [Costume] Golden Destroyer. Back to School Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Back to School. Dark Angel Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Dark Angel. Yellow Dahlia Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Yellow Dahlia. Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate r Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v1 r Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v2 r Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v3 r Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v4 r Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v5 r Dark Sandstorm Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Armor] Dark Sandstorm r Night Luna Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna.

Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna v1. Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna v2. Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna v3. Ivory Specter Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Armor] Ivory Specter r Lyn - [Costume] The Empress r Lyn - [Costume] Dreamcutter. Lyn - [Costume] Dreamcutter v1. Lyn - [Armor] Default HD. Lyn - [Armor] Default HD v1. Gon - [Armor] Default HD. Gon - [Armor] Set 01 HD. Gon - [Armor] Set 02 HD. Gon - [Costume] Devotion. Gon - [Costume] Dreamcutter.

Yun - [Armor] Default HD. Yun - [Armor] Set 05 HD. Yun - [Costume] The Empress r NPC - Soha r49 Race: NPC - Soha r Jin - Armor Set 05 dunno what it is called Added: Lyn - Costume Rising Sun.

Jin - Armor Set 03 Can't show the breasts, no mesh under it. Jin - Armor Set 02 Added: Jin - Armor Set 02 v1 Pussy area is stretching like hell Added: Lyn - Costume Nostalgia Added: Lyn - Costume Black Padded Coat. Joined Nov 17, Likes I am guessing you are re-uploading the. Joined Apr 25, Likes Its really the only race i play.. I can see that you are able to do similar mods with the costumes in BnS and I would really love to learn how to do this as well, so that I can also produce some mods and make them available to the community.

Joined Nov 25, Likes 1. Hey Naduron, I too have been following your work for some time. Question though, as I can't get it to work on NA client, version 9. I'm using ReShade , as well. That might be messing it up? Basically uMod isn't doing anything after I add client. The options don't light up.

patch english blade and soul

Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury Now Live!

Ivory Bird Texture Resolution: Receiving two stacks of Reverse Reflux no longer causes instant death. I can see that you are able to do similar mods with the costumes in BnS and I would really love to learn how to do this as well, so that I can also produce some mods and make them available to the community. Golden Destroyer Texture Resolution: All of the temporary items above will provide stats equivalent to permanent items for the duration of the event. Chi Cloak 1 Fixed an issue where you could not rotate while casting Chi Cloak.

[Guide] Playing on Blade & Soul TW [+English Patch]

Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate r Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna. For more details, click here. Hongmoon Uniform Texture Resolution: Lyn - [Armor] Default HD v1. Joined Apr 25, Likes

Blade and Soul - Mods / Nude Mods (NA/EU)

patch english blade and soul

I ended up going with the Taiwan server, and so far i'm loving the game even more. Agoni Lightning Dragon now lasts for 30 seconds, down from 60 and can stack up to 10 times, down from The Shield Bearer will no longer enrage when reaching 35 stacks but will still recover HP. Lyn - [Costume] Golden Destroyer. Added 4-piece Set Effect to Ancestral Blessing: Excellent excellent work man. Lyn - [Costume] Night Luna v3. Lyn - [Costume] Soulmate v1 r Set 05 Texture Resolution: Mantra Move 1 now recovers 20 Focus during Mantra, up from Jin - [Costume] Dreamcutter. The duration of the Subjugation effect is now 4 seconds, down from 6 seconds.

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Patch english blade and soul
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